Comment: "Regardless.. Fuck you." is your comment above?

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"Regardless.. Fuck you." is your comment above?

Look her PUNK BOY... I want you to show me ANY reference to GOD, the Bible, Sin or Christianity in any of my post!

You cannot, because you are sick person that is trying to force your brand/orientation on other people. Your TYRANNY is worse than ANY tyranny. You want LIBERTY but you want it YOUR WAY.

You can swear and call names all you want. The facts are you are trying to interject crap that CANNOT be found in any of my post. FUCK ME? You wish Squeshy boy don't you. You want to pork me don't you? You want to pay the toll to ride my Hershey highway hu bubba? You sick, sick man.

And by the way sicko tyrant... Freedom of speech is WAY ABOVE Tolerance.