Comment: Wrong, I'll tell you why.

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Wrong, I'll tell you why.

Homosexuals make a choice in their lifestyle. Just like anyone else who chooses paper over plastic or drugs to no drugs.

The harmful effects of homosexuality you speak of are common knowledge. Meaning men and women who engage in it are aware of the repercussions. If they choose to follow that path, that's their choice, not yours or the governments.

There has to be an extent to the morality in a free society. I'm not saying killing, raping, or stealing is included in that extent, but the issue is when that morality starts dictating everyone's lives. Live your moral life the way you see fit and allow others to live theirs the way they see fit.

Injecting religion into government is not a free society, it's a theocracy. The only reason you think government has a right to dictate people's lives is because you feel safe in the fact that they'll protect your religious beliefs. If the government were to influence social behavior based on Islam or Buddhism, you'd be greatly offended and scared. That's why freedom for all is crucial and protection of following your religion or lack thereof shouldn't be taken lightly. Your beliefs shouldn't be forced on anyone and nobody else's should be forced on you.