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'Regardless.. Fuck you. Your message is drowned in bigotry and zealotry.'

Make sure you use the whole quote.. your malignant tumor is growing and I personally named it ignorance.. but the next name up is zealot.

'Look her punk boy..' More name calling? Good for you!!! I want Liberty defined by natural rights.. not religious ones. Get it? Got it?? I highly doubt it because of your zinger at the end:

'And by the way sicko tyrant... Freedom of speech is WAY ABOVE Tolerance.'

Wrong dipshit. Tolerance is why we have a first amendment you backwood, half retarded, ignorant, zealot, name calling, whacko bird, bible thumping, Rick Santorum loving, flat out asshole. Screw you man. Seriously.

Your intolerance and flat out ignorance is blazing full blast right here. Good luck buddy.. and I mean it from the depths of my tolerant heart. You have displayed nothing that I want to associate myself with.

FYI.. There are gay people in the world that deserve the same respect as your absolutist ignorance. Take your bible to church and quit beating people over the head with it. We tolerate your ignorance.. and you should tolerate us too.

Im not even fucking gay and cant believe I have to debate this issue like this on the DailyPaul. LIBERTY IS BASED IN THE BELIEF OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

Get that through your thick fucking skull. You have no belief in Liberty as long as you FORCE your beliefs on all of us. You are a bigot. You are a zealot. You refuse to be tolerant of others. You wish to judge. You wish to have power to change us or condemn us.

That is not Liberty. It is absolutely TYRANNY.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul