Comment: A Duty, Even

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A Duty, Even

"It's a job and you do what you are trained and I'm glad I didn't enlist and if soldiers are needed to protect our country on our soil, I'm glad there will be people to do it."

Ralph, I find myself in agreement with your thinking based on how things are now. The problem is that things right now are not free and becoming less so and we must work to reverse this. Based on the concept of exercising rights as a means of changing the culture generally in favor of protecting rights, it is your duty to defend your own life and personal liberty and an integral part of this is banding together with your neighbors to protect your own country and soil.

Think community wide "prepping".

No individual can reasonably defend themselves from a well trained, armed gang. No individual can hold out forever without like minded allies. You and I and every other able bodied, able minded, freedom-loving individual should do it with us. And we only leave our local county by popular vote with all dissenters freely allowed to remain behind with no adverse consequences. America surrendered something that in hindsight it should not have and this has thrown off our system's checks and balances.