Comment: A talking filibuster IS a way of debating

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A talking filibuster IS a way of debating

With the Senate firmly in the hands of the Democrats, and possibly already tilted toward the gun grabbers, a fillibuster is the only way the minority can have a voice in the debate. Otherwise, the bill will go from being filed on Tuesday night to being voted on Thursday without any significant debate.

If Paul, Cruz, and Lee can talk and bring up good logical arguments for the anti-gun-control position, then they will have advanced the debate. If they read from the phone book, then they are just delaying the inevitable. I think everyone in the country saw how powerful the talking fillibuster could be when Rand Paul stopped a rubber-stamp vote by bringing up powerful arguments against the government's assertion that the President can kill Americans without due process.

I say Paul, Cruz, and Lee should go forward with their fillibuster as long as there is a bill curtailing ANY 2nd Amendment rights, even the supposedly innoctuous background checks that apparently has widespread support.

The gun grabbers don't want these men to speak because they FEAR the argument. The grabbers know their position is logically weak and cannot stand up to common sense scrutiny, so they must find a way to PREVENT debate at all costs. It wouldn't surprise me if McConnel ditched Paul, Cruz, and Lee at the last minute.