Comment: Trucking bees across the country has been going on for years

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Trucking bees across the country has been going on for years

and has never caused any problems with any bee populations. They used to load bees on rail-road cars for pollination in California. If you ever trucked bees across the country you would realize your statements are pure false. I have trucked them into California and Texas from Minnesota, with no problems until the get home in Minnesota. Here they are completely surrounded by Corn and Soy bean crops. Usually I lose 10% by August then lose up to 50 to 70 % by October. Bee deaths weren't a problem until 2005 I lost 100 out of 300 in 3 weeks, and they were the best and strongest, all completely full of honey.

Two years ago I did something I never seen In 40 years of bees, that is I pulled over 100 Lbs of honey from each 80 different dead hives in October. That year I had 120 hives all were very healthy in august. Last year 19 hives left, today zero. All my bees have been murdered by Monsatan and Bayer from the coating on the corn and soybeans seeds with a nicotine derivative pesticide. This pesticide is so deadly the EPA has warnings on their website warning farmers to make sure all seeds are buried. They claim that all birds are at risk from death even the Bald Eagle is listed. The seeds can kill a bird if eaten.

There are no other problems with bee deaths only the corn and soy bean, if we repeal the pesticides the bee population would recover within two years. Stop using systemic pesticides they are the problem!

There is a Lawsuit against the EPA for permitting such lethal pesticides on the market, but with a rigged legal system I have no faith in justice. Only mass human population deaths that are coming in the future will stop Monsatan. My estimate is that 3 to 4 million Americans have died from the crops, but I think it will hit 25 to 50 million before it is all over. So far they have been able to mask the deaths to different cancers and Alzheimers and others diseases, but when we hit the 25 million mark the sheep will finally revolt. By then it will be too late the land will be totally devastated from poison being poured on to it. Mass starvation is next. Einstein once said when the bees die off the humans will follow. Any other causes of bee deaths are just PURE PROPAGANDA.

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