Comment: "Sovereign Citizen" is a great example of Brainwashing

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"Sovereign Citizen" is a great example of Brainwashing

Notice how the "law enforcement" have "leaders" who "train" them on "Sovereign Citizens" and how these SCs are "terrorists".

Why is this so hard for the cops to figure out that they are being trained to carry out a criminal cartel's political agenda that it is the "government's" job to "control" people?

Why is it so hard for the cops to figure out that they are being trained by corrupt men who are intentionally brainwashing them that they must control other people?

Maybe it is because the one's who can't understand this are actually psychopathic tyrannical control freak barbarians who have mens rea to exert unlawful violent authority over another without any allegations of actual injury by anyone, which is also known as a CRIMINAL.

How long is it going to take them to figure out how stupid they look even calling someone a "Sovereign Citizen"? How long is it going to take for them to figure out that this is an ADL/SPLC created term with associated false information that got picked up by some stupid criminals who attempted to use the false information to scam people and then gave ADL/SPLC their poster child of violence used to brainwash "law enforcement"?

To all the men and women who claim to be "law enforcement officers" out there, I can prove to you in one second that every single one of you are committing Breach of Duty to your Constitutional Oath every day you go to work:

Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution
No State shall... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts
You are being paid in a private corporation's unlawful debt note tender that is mathematically guaranteed to fail and guaranteed to extract all natural wealth from everyone. If you are enforcing the law then why are you not working within the bounds of your voluntarily accepted contract with We the People? Why are you using violent force and extortion to force people to use this unlawful tender? Why don't you charge yourselves with the crimes you are committing? This is because you are insane criminals who do not have any idea what Law is. You only know how to be trained by other corrupt men. You have no integrity to do what you said you were going to do. You are in Common Law Breach of Duty. You are committing felony extortion, you terrorize the population with repeated violent acts against innocent people, you criminally "charge" others with no identifiable liability of anyone and without you accepting liability for your own actions, many of you commit violent warfare and theft against innocent people in the name of the war on drugs (this is treason), assault and battery, rape, murder, and MANY other crimes all in the name of "law enforcement".

I have tried (and will continue to do so) to bring those of you corrupt and criminal men claiming to be "law enforcement" who have harmed me before a Jury for them to review the facts but the "courts" obstruct justice. In fact when one looks deeper into even codes and statutes I have identified many felonies that most "law enforcement" and ALL "courts" commit every single day. To Law enforcement who believe this sovereign citizen brainwashing crap being used to justify your continued tyranny and crime over the people, you are idiots who do not have the intellectual aptitude to perform any law enforcement at all. How many of the identifiable crimes you are committing need to be pointed out to you before you realize that other corrupt men have brainwashed you into committing criminal acts against innocent people to protect their systemic fraud, extortion, terrorism and warfare against innocent people all over the world.

You are suppose to be responding as a representative agent of one of We the People who is making accusations against another and requesting review for remedy before a jury. Liability is a hot potato, if someone is not identified as the owner of the liability for your requested service then you are acting under color of law and in Breach of Duty. Don't you remember one has the right to face their accuser? That Government derive just powers (powers of Justice) from the consent of the governed not the government? That We the People created the capacity of the US Citizen (an employee of Government) that You voluntarily contracted to be bounded by?

You claim to be under capacity but you do not bind yourselves within the limitations of the capacity. Then you claim that people who are being harmed by your actions and seek remedy are terrorists and now the "government" claims it can assassinate terrorists on the word of one man without any review by a Jury. This targeted political assassination is the final nail in your long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism.

What in the hell is your major malfunction??? Committing crime is not law enforcement you dumbass control freak terrorists.

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