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Answers: Q1.YES Q2.YES Q3.I DOUBT IT

Don't mean to be a downer, but there will never be another Ron Paul in my opinion.

He was a very special man whose star rose because those particular political environments allowed for it (in 2008 and 2012).

I tend to distrust most politicians at best and hate most of them at least.

So when I discovered such a principled man with philosophies of liberty as I had never heard before, it really fired me up politically to support Dr. Paul and the movement.

But now (sadly), I see Dr. Paul's legacy as similar in scope to that of Barry Goldwater's who, although he had a very loyal and energetic following (like Dr. Paul), was succesfully marginalized as a radical nut-job (like Dr. Paul), and his movement was defanged (like ours) pretty much for good.

Goldwater fought LBJ'S New Deal. He mobilized a large conservative constituency to win the hard-fought Republican primaries (We couldn't even get THAT far because the GOP is now a pseudo-liberal organization which proved to be Dr. Paul's BUGGEST HURDLE during both of his campaigns).

But Goldwater's campaign failed to gain the support of the electorate and he lost the 1964 presidential election to incumbent Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson by one of the largest landslides in history.

Johnson and other critics painted him as a reactionary, while supporters praised his crusades against the Soviet Union, labor unions, and the welfare state.

His defeat allowed LBJ and the Democrats in Congress to pass the Great Society programs (Does Obamacare ring a bell?).

Goldwater was much less active as a national leader of conservatives after 1964.

Yes I know, there is hope for Rand in the future, but I have very little faith that the GOP and the powers that be ever allow him to get very far (beyond a Senate seat).

So did we make a lasting difference?

To some people we did - and maybe still are to a degree (This site is one example of keeping some of the liberty movement alive).

But on the whole, the populace is too indoctrinated, apathetic and stupid to even KNOW what's really going on ie...

The FED's not going anywhere.

More wars will soon be started as even "conservatives" are pounding war drums on a daily basis.

We haven't stopped killing people in the middle east.

We haven't (nor will we ever) quit occupying the world with our military empire.

We still give away BILLIONS upon BILLIONS in foreign aid with no appreciable protest from the populace.

We still answer to the U.N., IMF, World Bank, WTO, Agenda 21, World Central Bankers etc.

The tax code is the same if not worse.

The CIA still runs rough-shod around the globe and now has its OWN AIR FORCE (drones).

Even at my local level of politics (in WA), we have a grand total of ONE liberty member of the State Legislature (State Representative Cary Condatta - 12th District Republican) who was a Ron Paul supporter.

So what has really changed?

But we do have some new friends from our involvement in Ron Paul's campaigns.

And we do have the DailyPaul!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul