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I remember

I was just finishing successfully organizing and executing the county convention in the county to the North of me, Mason, WA. We created a collation with Santrourm delegates and pushed our slate through narrowly on the last round of voting. This of course took place after moving the convention half way through the day across town.
I had just had a meeting in my County, Thurston and was looking forward to a sweep that would lead us to winning our Congressional district... But then Santrourm dropped out today and our hope was crushed.

When it was all done and said, the Thurston County Republican meeting that took place tonight and was chaired by a former Ron Paul delegate. We control several county parties and 44% of the WA State GOP. We will take it over at the next State convention in 2014. We learned tonight that the State chair is trying to stop the convention from happening because he knows the writing is on the wall.
The real battle now is at the school-board level and city councils. There are up to 60 or 70 positions on local County ballots, that is where the Liberty movement will win! Run for local office, as low as it goes. Get on a board that is by appointment, run for fire commissioner, dog catcher etc. I am excited right now, why aren't you fielding Ron Paul like candidates for every local office like we are? Get fired up, we are all Ron PAuL!!!

Matthew Edward Hayward