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What I want to know,

where is self acclaimed strong conservative Gov. Rick Perry? Or, AG Greg Abbott, Lt Gov Dewhurst, or Speaker Strauss? I really don't understand, that if all these people are such staunch conservatives who are supposed to promote these principles in Texas, as the leaders of government, why is Austin the most liberal city in Texas? If they won't stop the many unconstitutional measures placed on the City of Austin where Perry lives and the state house resides, are they really representing the people? We need to be forcing these people to challenge and/or prevent these types of laws (ordinances) against our State Constitutional rights! We have allowed these state elected officials to become Corporate Collectivists, just like the Federal government and if we don't start forcing their hand, Texas will soon be just like California. Yes, they have been doing a fair job at establishing a strong economy for big business and small business still has a chance to flourish, but what about the oath they take to defend our rights? If AJ wanted to actually do something to force their hand, instead of just whining about the city slime, he would be calling out to demand Perry and the other GOP leaders to start representing the people of Texas, instead of Big Business. AJ knows this, has the mic to reach people, so why doesn't he rally the people to take action on their state reps? I have listened to AJ for years, and he brings out good info, but he does use misdirection a lot. I never tell anybody to listen to him unless I have educated them first on who the 'real' controllers are and to always research what he talks about yourself. There are many who might take issue with my statements about AJ, but the empirical facts prove my case.