Comment: Very interesting for new media operations

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Very interesting for new media operations

What a fantastic potential this is for new fake media operations. Create the gang you need on a computer and have them do and say what you want. Need a witness? Get the scriptwriters going and create the news report on the computer. You can even animate the reporter if the story is really fishy.

The people who control the media can create the reports they need and have them broadcasted on all networks simultaneously, over and over again until people themselves starts to spread the lie. Then they really would be in business.

Bet they can even convince people that an alien invasion is imminent so that everyone have to support the new World Government in this struggle.


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Frame-by-frame analysis of a REPORTED perputrator first court appearance. Image is a frame from TV2 Denmarks broadcast on February 6th 2012 - face and half his head is missing due to this software bug: