Comment: The Problem with Beck's reason

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The Problem with Beck's reason

for supporting Sanitarium is, that their apostate beliefs in Christianity are a major factor in its demise. Here, is a book called 'The Union Jack' published in '88 that will educate you on this empirical fact (free online). It will also give you perspective of who is really in control of the world.

Even, the late great Minister, Dr D James Kennedy, who was an original member of the Moral Majority, tried to call out the apostate teachings most of the evangelists began promoting. The original members of the group were Jerry Falwell, James Kennedy, Pat Robertson, Charles Stanley, Paul Weyrich, Richard Viguerie, Cal Thomas, to name a few. The only members who never promoted the apostate teachings were Kennedy and Stanley. Here's a letter by Kennedy from his Knox Theological Seminary calling out these apostates.