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Hey Mr. Nicholson, I feel

Hey Mr. Nicholson, I feel your frustration. It's amazing to hear so-called liberty lovers get so derailed like this. But you gotta understand - they literally think they're under command from God. A God that some of them think will send them to eternal hellfire if they don't believe or advocate for certain things. In some ways we're not debating them, we're debating their mere interpretation of scripture. The problem is of course we don't decide matters of liberty off of precious scripture.

It's not entirely their fault - When you're raised in a cage of fear like they've been it's very difficult to change course. To change means that they're risking now becoming the evil ones they've spent a lifetime hating so they can "get into Heaven".

Those changes don't come easy! I had to break those lies, myths and walls down myself and it probably saved my life and my soul. I was raised Baptist and hated what I was. But over time I learned how much bullcrap organized religion spouts about homosexuality - and other things - that I now hate organized religion. Yes, HATE IT. I view organized religion just as I do Democracy - there to keep us hating each other and divided.

Anyways, good luck.