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Absolutely Essential: 5 FOUNDATIONS

I'll keep my list short and simple. I haven't seen these posted yet so I wanted to make sure you got them.

These 5 will take your head and totally set you straight. They might even change your life (I think a few people here would agree)

Whatever you do, put these near the top of your list. They're classics - they're relatively short easy reads. And they will lay a strong foundation for some of the more difficult stuff later:

1) "Economics in One Lesson" Henry Hazlitt

2) "Road to Serfdom" Friedrich von Hayek

3) "Lessons for the Young Economist" Robert P Murphy

4) "Mystery of Banking" Murray N Rothbard

5) "End the Fed" Ron Paul


Do not waste any time waiting to read these. Do it ASAP before you tackle more difficult or more detailed materials ("Human Action" etc). It will make the more advanced stuff so much easier.

Google / Bing these titles. Some are available as free PDFs (like, you could read them right now)

The only ones that I don't believe you can download for free PDF are "Road to Serfdom" and "End the Fed"

But they are worth many many times over the small price you will pay to get the paperback or kindle.