Comment: Liberty, that we hope to achieve, doesn't....

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Liberty, that we hope to achieve, doesn't....

...take up an offensive position against "the laws of nature, and of nature's God" as a policy position to protect a minority engaged in medically risky behavior, from the FREE SPEECH of majority that has social history of normalcy on its side.

The government is in the marriage business for ONE thing, control! They seek to control the "fruit" of any marriage within the CONTRACT between the married couple and the State, and lawyers and judges and psychologists and social workers all make MONEY when couples have "disagreements" and involve the civil authorities!

Gays have all the freedom to do their gay thing wherever they want; they should not be seeking to employ government FORCE against any religious organizations or churches to accept their unnatural lifestyle as normal, nor should they be lobbying the government to FORCE taxpayers to reward, refund, share the consequences and medical costs incurred when medical wisdom advises against their sexual acts.

Government is FORCE; they shouldn't be involved in marriage...If Rand is "pandering", the militant homosexual lobby is seeking to overthrow thousands of years of social norms...under Liberty, gays have their own communities, and their values compete against other values; and each community bears their own costs alone through what they allow their elected representatives to reward/punish through the civil magistrates.

marriage did NOT originate as a government institution