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Thank you dex

for the really nice show of support and the very kind words. I appreciate it a lot that you took the time to write your thoughts.

I have posted comments like this in the past, when things were written that I found just in really bad taste - and considering whose name is on this site and why the site exists at all - it's just not the way to go.

To me, it is sad that people do not consider that and this kind of language OK.

If any of you think that Ron Paul would see that thread and chuckle about it, it shows me that you do not know him at all. He would not be pleased - at all. He would recognize the person's right to be able to do that BUT he would not condone it. He is a true gentleman.

So please, do not give me the free speech argument. This is about common sense and respect - and also showing that you were not brought up in a barn.

Please show The Good Doctor the respect that he has truly earned and deserves. Each post is a reflection.

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