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First of all I cant speak for "people in the libertarian

movement" But I can speak for myself. Dont be tricked to think Glen Beck's rejections are about a liberty movement. This is so typical of his ilk to blame the victim, it causes confussion to the victims and the on lookers. Do not be decieved about this guy. I reject him because he is a life long habitual liar. Not only an abject liar but one that has been choosen by the the propaganda Rothschild owned corporate MSM to alter the elections and disrupt any true political anti Rothscild type of candidate. He has done this quite well. So he reframes his rejections to be the fault of those who are in the "liberty movement" saying that they are being closed minded and not accepting newly awakened libertarians and you amplify his lies by your agreements.

You are being tricked by a proffessional liar. I work every day to help people understand the false debt slavery they are prisioned in and how to escape, the people who profess freedom always welcome and want to help educate new (false) debt slaves who are interested in breaking free.

I dont have a grudge and I dont even care enough about liar Glen Beck to think of him. Glen Beck altered the history of Texas and this nation by dirty traitor tactics against Debra Medina. Look it up if you are not familiar. 911 is a turning point in this nation Glen Beck humiliates on the media air waves anyone who wants 911 to be re investigated and punishments to be appropriate for those who really caused it. Beck needs some of that punishment. He is not ignorant as he acts.