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I don't what came over me, it was good....I agree....and I wish this forum would RESPOND and give it some attention....plenty of COMPLAINTS about Rand Paul, and so many other elected representatives, but NO PLANS or coordinated efforts as of yet to bounce them or get elected along side them???

Have we learned nothing the past 6 years? Do we disengage because Ron Paul is no longer a candidate? What happened to "I AM RON PAUL"?

I want Dick Durbin's U.S. Senate seat!!! about Standing with Rand! Who's gonna make that happen? How about a website for me, to gather signatures, starting NOW? If anything, I'm articulate and passionate about the movement; WE could get some PRESS, like our historic moneybombs did!

Everyone could HELP, from their keyboards....Sounds to me like we're cynical and resigned to our fate....what kind of attitude is that???