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You sumed up your thoughts very well.

You have no idea. I would say you have ideas inspite of your admissions to the contrary. You just do not wish to find truth so instead of doing a little research or asking questions you choose to plead ignorant. Ignorant, realy no idea. Well I can help what part what words do you not understand I will atempt to communicate with you in terms you can understand if you wish.

Meybe you will respond with gramar and spelling corrections to impress that you are smart.

Just put the term you dont understand into a search engine perhaps that will help you to have some idea what I wrote in english.

But you were being insulting and thats childish, instead of responding with some defence of Glen Beck. Telling me how honest he is to counter my claim that he is a pathalogical liar who has been hired and paid to lie, you choose to claim that you just cant understand the written words and dont even know what language its written in. Phony bullship grow up and say what you mean.