Comment: What about NULLIFICATION, Glen?

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What about NULLIFICATION, Glen?

Your favorite historian, buddy, pal David Barton is opposed to it
(I was told directly by Mr. Tom Woods Jr. last Friday when I spoke to him on the Peter Schiff Radio Show).

Your right-wing, K-Street Variety, media-intimidation-machine has been working AGAINST the Liberty(libertarianism encapsulated by Ron Paul and his followers) for a PAYCHECK; and with most of us, it's disingenuous and unforgivable now...

You still have a HUGE media presence, oh how we'd love your help; but dammit we don't
TRUST you to take radical stands, as a revolutionary now, because you've inflicted so much DAMAGE upon our credibility over the past 5 years...and you've set us back tremendously, and we believe you did it willfully...

I will make another passionate YouTube today from my car in a few minutes and explain further...but it seems to me that you want to be on television and radio and be seen as some "leader" which I kind of want to ask this forum "why are we watching television personalities and radio personalities hoping they'll help us?"

Their loyalty is to their EMPLOYER, and mass media is still manipulation of public opinion! We are the LEADERS of a leaderless movement, we're stepping up and stepping out because THEY'VE let us down....they need to come to us, promote us; not the other way around!

We bear the scars of BATTLE against the Republican Party Glen is now denouncing; he owes us his respect!!!

For now, for the emotion and fervor and positive sentiments this "change of heart" is plea yesterday is timely and begs a response!

THIS IS OUR MOVEMENT!!! we need to OWN it ....

I honestly suspect, at the behest of the PTB, Glen Beck, Stossel, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, millionaire media personalities and celebrities are PAID to buffer & contain us....they really are! This GRASS ROOTS movement has the talents, wisdom, understanding, determination, and righteous indignation that has severely impacted the national conversation and brought OUR concerns and demands, disgust and intolerance for king-making and perpetuating cronyism to the desks of those in power and their enablers who BUY the public wrongs that benefit THEM....this is their response to pacify us for a time because they're not secure and ready to crash this thing just yet....we have to hold strong and not be deceived, or let our guard down...agree?