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If I wanted to start speaking in public

I would contact the non profit organizations.. Masons, Rotery, Lions, Moose, Elk, Eagles, Grange, Amerian Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars.. anything and everything.. Republican/ Democrat central committees, women's league of voters... local organiozations, food banks... anything/place that is popular.. I'd offer to pour coffee, speak.. debate, get on the radio/TV.. publish advertizement in Church programs and offer an organization a donation to put up the flyers for you.

We have a council race going on here.. I'm going to guess that Melo is going to win based on the newspaper talk about the candidates.. so based on what I'm seeinng here.. I would make my answers very short, with a clear message that relates at home, but is as global as you can get, tying your district into the bigger picture.

If you can, tie your campaign with fundraising that further drives your message.. something like: (I never liked the term, money bomb, and then my chair announced at a meeting that we were going to do money bombs.. I raised my eyebrows). "Seat the Indy" Fund.

Why not invite your friendly rival here to a debate? If your area has a music sceen.. book comedy clubs.. do off nights.. and dress sharp.. some voters will not hear a word you say, but they will observe every detail, even whether you appreciate manicures.