Comment: It took me a while too.

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It took me a while too.

I voted for Kerry in my first election because as a teenager I thought the Dems were going to save the poor from the evil Reps. Then I switched and voted for Bush next because I realized I wanted to keep my money that I was working for and thought the Reps would protect me against the Dems stealing from me. But whichever party I was voting for there were too many things that didn’t square for me, but I just figured ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’. Then I started listening to Tom Woods, then Ron Paul, then Peter Schiff and so on and realized there was a philosophy that squared with everything I TRULY believed. But even as I navigated my way into the liberty movement I didn’t jump head first. The Drug War was huge thing for me. I was still one of those “well I don’t want people doing heroine” people. It took me a while realize my own hypocrisy on certain pet issues. So I’m willing to give GB the benefit of the doubt. Even if he is just faking it now for ratings or whatever, perhaps some of his listeners will be more encouraged to give freedom a chance. I don’t think this is an all or nothing movement. Let people get on the train of liberty and let them ride as long as they want. If they choose to get off before you then so be it but at least they came a little closer. And they can always get back on whenever they want. We all came to this in our own way and in our own time so I would caution not to be so quick to condemnation. If we are always so skeptical of others intentions or commitment then we will never spread our true message because we’ll never find anyone ‘pure’ enough.
As an aside. Those clamoring for an apology to RP and his supporters from GB I think are wasting your time. Not only is it not going to happen but also it doesn’t change anything. Beck acted like at D-Bag towards Ron and us but that’s in the past. I don’t see RP out there saying “unless Glen Beck apologizes to me he will never be a libertarian”. I don’t know Ron but he doesn’t strike me as the type to make anyone kiss his ring. I would imagine he would be thrilled to have someone else out there teaching and helping move this country in the right direction.