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I think supplies of guns are catching up.

but 500rd~1000rd bulk ammo? lol. good luck xD

though, when PTR moves, I'm sure there will be a blip in supplies/costs.

I'm not sure if PTR used to be called Vector Arms... those, had A LOT of quality control issues. but PTR91 have been mostly praised. Haven't shot one so couldn't tell ya, other than anecdotally.

not sure if anyone has run their semi-auto .308 carbine/rifle platform in 1000~2000rd tactical school course sessions enough to be able to testify first hand, but apparently Chris Costa's Costa Ludus Carbine Employment 2 (762 Heavy) serves as a pretty good crucible.

and what I've been hearing a lot is that most AR10 patterns fail in 500rd+ tactical courses. Though, not sure if anyone ran non-DI piston versions like POF-USA P308 or LWRC's REPR .308 enough to test that. Regardless of fact or fiction, did hear that many chose HK G3 or FAL variants, or heavily modified 'tacticool' Springfields for their sessions, over the AR10 direct-impingement .308/7.62NATO platforms.

one great thing about HK G3/91 & variants were the ubiquity of their cheap mags: $5 per G3 mag!!! Ahhh...those were days, eh?

Greenspan & Bernanke, raising price of my ammo, mags, and guns (well...and everything else!) one FED.Reserve keystoke at a time.

Nuremberg 2.0, oh you so cannot come soon enough, baby!

PS. Some pix from Costa Ludus:

regular carbine course:

and interview from that day:

Predictions in due Time...

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