Comment: Like stock market prices, we

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Like stock market prices, we

Like stock market prices, we can compare charts and speculate. However, the price is always influenced by numerous influences, most of which we cannot calculate / graph. Whether there is or is not a correlation between Fed activities and BitCoin, IMO, the greater influence is the lack of faith in exiting money / banking. And I get that the Fed influences that, but I doubt it is as corelative as the graph suggests. I think it has more to do with varying currency instability / Cyprus / Off shore expose, and the new realization for many that BitCoin exists as an alternative. Invariably there are going to be ups and downs, and it will come into equilibrium. And that equilibrium might in deed be in the $1000 range, or $5 range. To which I say: So what? Use it as a medium to exchange wealth. Not to store wealth or make financial gain. Playing BitCoin value is no different than playing stock market. If that is your gig, have at it. For me, I just want an alternative currency.