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I am glad others see this too

Bitcoin has no real value. It is only valuable because people are demanding it right now.
It is just like the dotcoms that say "We are a website!" but had no assets. Bitcoin, Litecoin, anyCoin, unless backed by something, has no value! It is a fiat currency like the rest, except this one has "no way" of making more bitcoins.

That wasn't the problem with fiat currency though. Fiats are problematic because, the dollar for example, is a 1 on a piece of paper. That number 1 is backed by the paper it is printed on and that is it. Before when it could be exchanged for gold it had value. Now it has no value.

Bitcoin has a number on it as well, and that number is backed by the digital bits that it is "printed" on. Bitcoins have no value. Bitcoins are a bubble. And I don't play with bubbles.