Comment: Colt Competion moving to Texas

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Colt Competion moving to Texas

I hope the trickle turns into a flood.

Actually, Colt Competition, only licenses the name “Colt” from Colt Manufacturing. They make some very good rifles. See: If I am in the market for a high quality AR-15, I will most certainly buy an AR-15 from them.

Hopefully, Colt Manufacturing and Colt Defense located in Connecticut will follow suit. I cannot imagine a gun manufacturer staying in a state that shows such scorn for the 2nd Amendment Rights of the American People. That’s also true of Beretta in Maryland, and manufacturers in New York and Colorado.

Several companies have announced they are pulling out of Colorado because of the anti-gun legislation passed there, and if they do I will purposely buy something from them.

I have started a policy of not buying anything made or originating from the anti-gun states of Colorado, Maryland, New York, or Connecticut.

Every person has to decide what they do, but I can’t justify owning products from or supplying income to any business in those states who in turn pay taxes and support governments that infringe on my Liberties and Rights. That most certainly includes my Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble saying one thing and doing another. Perhaps, because I am 71 years old, you (and certainly the leftists who populate our government) consider my values antiquated.

I just can’t say I believe in Liberty, Freedom, and the other basic Rights of Man, then turn around and supply income or any support to the very people or governments - directly or indirectly - that have acted to destroy those Rights.

Some people are able to close their eyes and justify continuing to feed a monster. God knows there has always been people who could justify anything. Every tyrannical government throughout the history of mankind has depended on those people. That’s how they came into power. So, you might very well continue to blindly buy whatever you want regardless of where the money goes.

If people decide they really do support Liberty, Freedom, and the linchpin that secures those Rights - The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - they will stop spending it on merchandise made in the states that spit on their Freedoms.

You might read the well documented historical book, Death by Government by R.J. Rummel. Sandy Hook was a tragedy, but the biggest killer of the citizens of a country has been their own government. That’s an indisputable fact. Confirm at:

So, anyone or any company that aids the diminishment of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an accomplice in the tyranny that follows the theft of this Liberty.

I would hope gun related businesses leave those states who have had passed anti-gun legislation as well. If not, I’ll never buy another Colt made by Colt Manufacturing or another Beretta unless they move manufacturing out of Maryland, watch another TV program originating from NYC, take another vacation to Colorado, or in any way contribute another penny on anything originating from those states.

I can only hope my countrymen will do the same.