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Your opinion is your own to have, but stick to opinion and rather introduce dubious ideas as if they were fact. "Medically risky behavior". Damn fags with their AIDS, and gonorrhea, and syphilis. Good thing us heteros don't have to deal with that. Of course they don't have the massive medical risk of pregnancy....

"Laws of nature", and "God's law" are not understood to be the same by non-Christians. For instance a law of nature is the force of gravity, a law of God is "Don't take the Lord's name in vain". You can understand that a non-Christian does not believe the natural world suggests to them that they shouldn't take the Christian God's name in vain. Homosexual behavior does in fact occur in the natural world. Is it the most "normal" version of coupling in the animal kingdom, no, but then self proclaimed homosexual people represent a very small percentage of the human population as well.