Comment: Like the Doobs said, "Jesus is just alright with me!"

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Like the Doobs said, "Jesus is just alright with me!"

The Biblical God, however... well, He is an insane Tyrant with multiple personality disorder... a petulant Child who says, in effect, "Love / worship Me or go to Hell!" in the Old Testament, but Who then somehow manages to "father" a loving Son in the New one.

If *that* God is real... He can piss off, and I'll take my chances with Hell. I have NO respect for an Asshole who coerces a man to the point of nearly killing his own son to prove his respect for "The Almighty". (Plus, He dabbled in manipulating the personal affairs of His subjects back in the day, but can come NOT to our rescue now?! Where is the love?! Epic FAIL.)

On the other hand, Jesus, if real, is a Deity I can love, respect, and view as perhaps even one of very the best Examples of humanity. And if He and His story are real, well then I am in the utmost debt. (I do try my best to behave toward others as He would... and am usually humbled / disappointed by how far off the mark my performance actually is....)

What would the Founders do?