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Protecting wages chases away jobs and promotes automation. This is basic economics.

Corporate lobbying isn't the problem in this particular, unless the corporations in question are unions, which are a big part of the problem.

Where corporate lobbying is a problem is in keeping out competition via regulation. In this regard keeping out competition reduces competition for labor, which reduce the number of jobs.

The first thing we should do is remove all barriers to entry to markets. If you want to start a deli, or a car dealership, or a plumbing business or a bank you should be able to hang a shingle. You should not have to ask the government, which is effect asking your competition for permission. They have the relationship with the politicians already and have already achieved licensing laws and regulations to keep you out. Remove all that crap and you'll have more jobs and thence more competition for labor thus higher wages and more capital creation.

This is the real problem of corporations in our world. They use government to keep out competition and create de facto monopolies and cartels.

That's how you increase wages sustainably. But you will always face foreign wage pressure, so what you should do is let them in to do the work here, where there capital will remain, rather than have the jobs move to another country or be automated or ultimately destroyed.

Put simply it's better to have immigrants working in factories here than have the factories move to the immigrants' country.

Another thing we can and should do is stop meddling in foreign affairs causing eternal conflict. This conflict impedes capital creation in these 'hot spots' which impedes local economies from advancing which is what keeps their wages low. Also we often have our corporations over there using local government power to maintain monopolies in those countries, which again prevents capital creation and further keeps wages low.

The answer to wages is not wage protection, we see that destroys local jobs, the answer is ending the monopolies that keep wages low by limiting the supply of employers.

If you look to the government to solve your problem you should know the solution will not ever help you in the long run.