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I disagree--the problem is this

The problem is that we have to face REALITY. The United States is on the edge of a fascist abyss. Many Americans are still asleep and do not realize that they have been systematically brain-washed through the TV & Hollywood for the past 4-5 decades. I've witnessed it. I am a Baby Boomer and know how America was when I was young, and it was NOT LIKE THIS!

Our country was bound together, as two people in a marriage are bound together, by similar values and beliefs. The majority of Americans were "Christians" at that time. The GOVERNMENT only began allowing immigration of foreign cultures into America in the 60's with the Vietnam War. These cultures were not "Christian". Throughout time, the government & their Media conspirators sought to undermine this nation's Christian beliefs! Through systematic desensitization, they have succeeded in brainwashing our Generation X & watering down many of their parent's beliefs. Through the decades, not only the massive increases in illegal, as well as legal immigration, has taken a definite toll on our culture in many ways, & ultimately on you young people's lives---both morally AND financially. It is a TRAGEDY!

I know a lot of the youth "think" that they are hip, that the older generation's beliefs are outdated and old-fashioned, but THAT is exactly what our wonderful government control-freaks have brainwashed you to believe, so now we are staring at so many young who have lost their belief in GOD.

Getting to your point now~~~IF we were living under an "ideal" government, I would agree with you that the best form is like Dr. Paul has said, the one that our Founding Fathers had crafted. But, we are NOT living in this reality right now, maybe someday, God willing, but not now, so what I'm saying is that "we" Christians feel we HAVE to fight these Feinsteins (who are so desiring you young people to just THROW your parent's values out the window) any way we can.

One last thought, you need to ask yourself WHY would the "State" have tried to invade the Movie Business & TV Business? Do you really believe they JUST RECENTLY STARTED to brainwash the public? And, do you really believe they would never undermine our religion which has been the glue to America for generations? THINK AGAIN, because I can testify that THAT is EXACTLY what they have done.

We would like your support, because it would help our cause of liberty.