Comment: That is the point of Liberty.

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That is the point of Liberty.

Once you see the entire world as the same house, you realize it is not about us vs. them; however you draw those lines, but about letting go of the self and giving yourself over to the force of creation (the universe, nature, god, the tao, etcetera).

You are being selfish (and self serving) when you make exceptions for yourself from the "golden rule." Or whatever Commandments you wish to follow (like the Anarchist; and Athiests, say, "Do no harm."). When you say, do unto others, except for right now because I've been wronged, or someone else did harm, so you can do harm. Nope, rule still applies, you either believe, and have faith, in that commandment or rule, or you don't. When you break it is when you step out of the grace of god. Or out of happiness. Or morality. Or however your mind and ego requires you to quantify it.

When we truly give each other the respect that we would like to recieve, then we will actually listen and value each others opinions, and work to understand each others needs and concern, and work together to make sure we are all at peace, and have a feeling of liberty and justice. And it can't come at the expense of someone else's liberty and justice.

At some point we decide whether we are sheep or shepards. At which point, the Shepards, not judging, need to take care of the Sheep, and not put onto them the responsibility of being a Shepard. It is hard, because Sheep can (and will) immitate Shepards, it does not mean that they have truly let go of themselves and commit to serving God.

Don't judge, just have patience.

It isn't easy, but it is nessessary.

Jack Wagner