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What has it done for me?

Besides completely changing my life and how I live day to day?

I used to be a very angry kid. I went from one emotionally abusive relationship to another. I was in a crappy job breaking my back in a warehouse. I suffered from depression which put such stress on me that it activated the dormant Tuberculosis virus in my lung which ate away about a golf ball-sized hole in one of my upper section of my lung. I was coughing up blood ounces at a time. I was told that even with the medication I was on in was likely it wouldn't work and I'd have to go on stronger drugs that were the last option. I had to be quarantined in my apartment for 3 months while undergoing treatment.

Well, I began to meditate while on the first line meds and I healed better than expected. I was told my lung capacity would be diminished and life would be slightly more difficult from then on. Not so. My lungs healed without affecting my ability to breath at all. I learned how to manage my stress by understanding emotional (energetic) states of being, living in the present moment (that's all there is. Past and Future don't exist except in the NOW). I have a great career. A wonderful loving wife and extended family. I have great friends. I have a motorcycle I always wanted. I live in a loft in the downtown of my city in an area I always wanted to live in. And now I'm exploring new things I want to do in life. I have no interest in being a billionaire but I am quite handsome.

There's nothing escapist or fantastic about understanding the energetic foundation of all that we call "reality". Science has proven it over and over again. So if you come to this understanding then apply it in a knowing and actually use one or a number of MANY different methods to taking control of your own energetic beingness and use your own power to control your thoughts and the emotions that they induce to feel and think about positive feeling subjects, you are then creating an energetic momentum around you. Like attracts Like. So if you actually do the work to emit a more positive energy then the same must be attracted to you. THAT is the not-so-secret knowledge that has been kept from mankind for so long.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin