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Frankly speaking, this was

Frankly speaking, this was only to be expected. Something that rises that fast is destined to go down fast. Still made a tidy profit on BC though.

Anyways, anyone that went into BC thinking there would be no risks deserves to lose their money. As to how the current crash happened, it's either one ruthless speculator pumping up prices on purpose and selling it with large amounts of profit or it´s the bankers that want to sabotage BC.

And regarding the bankers, it´s only inevitable that they will intervene (if they did not do so already). These fellas own more than half the world´s money supply and they managed to do that by controlling the currencies of the world. If you think they are stupid enough to allow something to threaten their monopoly, while they destroyed nations in order to protect this monopoly, I can only say that such a notion was overly optimistic. I suspect they've been suppressing the gold and silver prices as well.

Anyways, this will be a good buying opportunity for people that know what they are doing.