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Comment: a monopoly of force,

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a monopoly of force,

a monopoly of force, dictated by top bottom politics, i.e. the few, dictating everyones lives according to what they feel best, and if people dissagree, well then, they've probably got something to hide, and you know how terribly foul those peasants can be.....WHAT.WHAT /s

in seing the worst in everyone and everything, in order to "reduce" chaos, you become the arbitrators of that chaos, by continuing to lie to yourselfs in your belief of freedom, by putting a price on freedom, and a priceless tag on security........clue: freedom is not just something that sounds good, although i wont hold it against someone who came down that path

Dont sign away generations opportunity to try something different, by keeping the tipping scale of change away from the balance of awareness, and unto the otherside, the untried.......and yes, the scary

edit:sorry, ive told myself to stop making snark remarks, im still working on it
Edit2:obviously ive still got along way to go, considering ive just spent the last minute or two "improving" my snark/joke, instead of deleting it, and causing this VErrrRY important and contraversial, dont forget, contraversial, internet scene........WHAT.WHAT........

sorry (whimpers)

edit3: after reredeading my, i guess you can call them a bit of a weirdo.......i profusely apoligize.......aaand, right back to joking sarcasm

......i cant stop myself........yes folks, i think i am that funny.........not to worry, self awareness and all that........(sorry i cant help this next bit) WHAT.WHAT very posh

edit4:im weird