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I'm just being honest.

McDougall is a train wreck, and he doesn't look healthy. And he certainly is not more knowledgeable than Dr. Coldwell. Does Dr. Coldwell sound less knowledgeable to you because he's German, and English is his second language? If so, that is a shame.

I know a couple who have been doing McDougall for a long time. They look awful. They are thin, I'll grant that but they seem to be physically and mentally unhealthy. I've watched a couple of McDougall DVDs and get emails from him forwarded to me. Some of what he preaches is right on, some of it is not and some of it is toxic. Telling people to super-heat carbohydrates (potatoes in one case) in a teflon skillet is a recipe for disaster. Super-heating carbohydrates creates compounds that are toxic and super-heating the teflon skillet releases toxic compounds as well. This type of thing is why I say he's a train wreck. He knows just enough to be dangerous.

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