Comment: Individual Rights = a Libertarian

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Individual Rights = a Libertarian

What libertarian does not know and espouse our shared equal rights to our own Life, Liberty & Property?

What libertarian does not espouse that these universal individual rights be CONSISTENTLY respected by anyone and everyone, businesses or governments?

What libertarian does not espouse that wealth and property are CREATED .... that is wealth & property is the natural offspring of our human liberties...much like a bird produces its nest, Mankind produces everything he needs.

What libertarian does not espouse the fact that wealth is property and property is wealth?

What libertarian does not espouse the voluntary nature of the free market and the coercive nature of government?

What libertarian makes excuses to abridge human liberties, rather than find reasons to support them?

What libertarian ever supported war against Iraq or any war of pre-emption? What libertarian ever supported government as much as Glenn Beck?

What libertarian DOES-NOT-APPLY-INDIVIDUAL-RIGHTS-THEORY AND THE-LAW- OF-NON-AGGRESSION-PRINCIPLE to ANY SUBJECT, for guidance before making his (or her) answer?

Answer, no libertarian. Hence, Glen Beck is no libertarian.

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