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Question 1: I'm not using it derogatory or complimentary. Just to inform you as to which camp the guy is in so you know I'm not giving you a biased source who is likely to fake results.

Question 2: I've wasted days of my life watching Truther documentaries. No offense, but I'm done. If you can summarize the points for me, I'll be glad to answer them point by point. Being a Truther in most cases doesn't mean you're seeking the Truth. There are some Truthers I've spoken to who are serious, logical, and motivated, but the majority just parrot Jones, Harrit, and Gage without critically thinking themselves. The back patting and obvious "it was all turned to dust in free fall!" comments are fairly telling, as is the "it was proven to be thermite!!!!1" posts, especially when confronted with conflicting and superior evidence.

Sorry man, but no, youtube videos with scary music and lots of coincidences generally don't deal with Truth. Have you actually read Harrit and Jones's paper? I have, in detail. Have you read Milette's study? I have. And uhh... way to not post the link anyways.

You're refusing to read and attempt to understand the actual research summaries posted. Why in the world should I be watching youtube videos?

Eric Hoffer