Comment: Obviously, tolerant action is

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Obviously, tolerant action is

Obviously, tolerant action is thriving here at the DP. Not only do folks put up with others who have diametrically opposing views on an issue, but they SEEK THEM OUT. From what I've seen, many folks here enjoy finding a post with which they disagree and, willingly, voluntarily engaging with folks who disagree. It is just not possible to apply the definition of intolerance to folks who are seeking out arguments with people they disagree with. To steal a metaphor from a poster below, here at the DP folks are voluntarily plopping themselves next to the crying baby on the airplane and LOVING IT.

I think the OP abuses the meaning of tolerance a tad. We can place the notion of "tolerance" into two camps.

1. Tolerant language
2. Tolerant action

Since No. 2, tolerant action, is thriving here, I'm supposing the OP is speaking more about No. 1 -- tolerant language. The problem here is that each person has his/her own threshold for what language feels intolerant. If such a person fails to understand that anyone who disagrees and engages him is, by definition, being tolerant -- being willing to not only admit, but to contend with someone they don't agree with.

That's tolerance in so many spades that it moves far outside the definition of tolerance and moves into the realm of respect. Right? No one bothers arguing with a guy with an IQ of 50. We bother arguing only when we have a basic respect for the other side. Sure sometimes, we're just trying to get our rocks off, or trying to work out our own thoughts on an issue, but we're choosing to do so with folk we disagree with. That's tolerance on steroids.