Comment: Yeah so?

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Yeah so?

Do you gloat when the price of silver or gold drops?

I'm very suspicious that the people mocking the Bitcoin advocates do not understand drug culture. At all. Silk Road is incredible. As long as the Silk Road is viable, Bitcoins have a useful purpose.

If gold was not so incredibly useful for industrial and medical purposes the demand would not be so high. I have some gold alloy, and I am tempted to sell it because I am low on Fed notes, but I am also tempted to hang onto it because there is some dental stuff I want to do with it.

The people using who are using Bitcoins to buy drugs are not pissed about the price fluctuations because it is still useful to buy drugs. It was not an investment to profit.

People are acting like this is a competition between gold and Bitcoins. The are supplements to each other. This attitude is childish. This thread is childish.