Comment: "It would be a felony to sell

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"It would be a felony to sell

"It would be a felony to sell a gun without a background check to a prohibited buyer or police officer."

See how these sneaky bastards work? Why would it be a FELONY to sell a gun to a police officer unless the FBI planned on running sting operations to frame sellers like they do with drugs. The objective of this legislation is to imprison and remove political power from citizens who the federal government FEARS like drug dealers. Yes, the federal government fears drug dealers since they hate competition. We have corruption to the max in Washington, D.C. If any form of this unconstitutional boondoggle passes the US Congress, hopefully the states will simply nullify it.

Over the next day, my suggestion is to publicly link Schumer to Toomey STRONGLY in crafting this garbage which will actually INCREASE the probability of the next mass killing since more citizens will be unable to acquire weapons.