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Comment: Some of us are getting there

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Some of us are getting there

I own several acres of land, grow my own vegetables, slaughter my animals for meat, and produce my own power. Over the last several years I've managed to get my neighbors to start doing the same thing (which they largely did anyway) and they have slowly begun to connect the dots and realize that there's very little that our community can't produce that government can't. Never has politics or religion come up. Common sense, networking, action, and a positive attitude have been the recipe for success on my end. We practice target shooting, cook big meals together, enjoy life, talk about work,false construct of being members of a country.

I'm aware of the "ivory tower anarchists" who scream that we must starve the beast, all while enjoying a movie at home while connected to the grid and drawing water from their local municipality; I'm sorry for their hypocrisy. However, there are those of us who are leaving the state behind, we're small in number but the growth is a net positive. Every person that shrugs their shoulders, looses interest in the legitimacy of the United States government, and takes control of their own destiny is worth 100 "work within the system" types, at least in my book.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley