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In all likelihood...

the Banksters and/or the intelligence agencies (is there a difference?) have been running MtGox since the early days.

Adi Shamir, the co-creator of RSA encryption, did extensive analysis and noticed:

1) 70-80% of all bitcoins are owned by a handful of concerns (7 or 8 -- mostly exchanges -- additionally MtGox hosts 80% or so of all bitcoin traffic)

2) The majority of bitcoin transaction historically exhibit strange structured and related fork-remerge patterns that cannot be valid commerce or even valid speculation (other than racketeering style price manipulation)

The fraud in the bitcoin system started early, remains endemic, and is sophisticated.

At the end of the day it is kind of silly to think that the Banksters would NOT be involved in bitcoin early and hard even if it is not their creation. Why would they not be? They are experts at sophisticated gaming of financial system and it would be like a fun and profitable toy for them (pump and dump repeatedly until the other players run home crying). And what would anybody do to them? Sue them? :p

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