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Comment: another EveryVote rant...

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another EveryVote rant...

I will be posting more EveryVote rants at this site

Here's a rant I posted yesterday that I'd appreciate feedback on:

The US is an organization like a business. US citizens eligible to vote are the shareholders (bosses) of the US. We decide who to hire and who to fire in our company.

And yet year after year after year we make our hiring decisions after reading only 2 resumes. Does ANY good business owner only read 2 resumes before hiring someone to an extremely important position?

Today when Congress has a 13% approval rating, our priority as a country has to be to make it as easy as possible for US citizens to read as many resumes and interview as many job candidates as possible. As long as Americans are only reading 2 resumes before every hiring decision, aren’t we destined for mediocrity or disaster?

Why aren’t ANY elected officials telling us this simple narrative? This is not rocket science, it’s fundamental smart business strategy. Most Congressmen are businessmen and lawyers. They KNOW what is wrong with our elections, but they refuse to do what is most needed to fix the problem.

That’s why’s mission is to create a website that makes it as easy as possible for US citizens to read the resumes of and interview every candidate in every election we can vote in, all on one convenient webpage. If we let things continue the way they are, people will have little option but to believe what they see or read in the mainstream media, and in the process will only know about 2 candidates in every election. But if we put everyone’s candidates on one easy-to-browse page, then it will be 100x easier for us to review candidates’ platforms, contact them, share our opinion on them, and we would have a chance to make the wisest hiring decisions we can from the widest possible candidate pools.