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See, this kind of stuff just

See, this kind of stuff just assumes it's the meat in their diets.

As far as the Inuits are concerned, it must be rough living where they are. How many die from freezing to death? How many from drowning while out fishing? How many actually eat the "traditional" Inuit diet? How many eat western junk food crap that's everywhere these days? How many sit indoors and surf the net versus being out fishing and hunting etc.? How many die from acts of violence or disease from poor sanitation?

As far as the Maasai, same thing. And how many die from being eaten by the wild animals they hunt? It might just be a rough place to live.

My point is that I agree that we must look much deeper. Many of these people, including Dr. McDougall, take things about the peoples they cite out of context.

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