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Of course

Inuit who adopt western foods die earlier than traditional Inuit, but even discounting that, they have to deal with a brutal climate, and experience super lulls in vitamin D production in winter. Vitamin D has been shown in many studies to be protective against cancer. Of course, none of that matters a whit. It's all but certain that they're dying 10 years younger because of their meat filled diet.

Then we have the Maasai, who also eat an almost 100% meat/milk diet. Forget that they have no access to modern medicine, live an active and very dangerous hunting lifestyle, very little access (if any) to clean drinking water. They aren't getting heart disease, stroke or cancer, but of course they are dying young because of the meat they're eating. What they're dying of, we don't know. We only know it's caused by all that meat!

In any case, life expectancy also takes into account infant mortality, which is far higher for pre-industrialized cultures of ALL types, not just meat eaters like the Maasai.