Comment: Sure. I would maybe qualify

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Sure. I would maybe qualify

Sure. I would maybe qualify by saying that Bible thumpers come in two colors.

Let's paint the first red. The red Bible thumper thumps his Bible because he can't grasp any other way to address the issues of the day. He'll quote scripture to an atheist, clearly unable to wrap his mind around the notion that the atheist isn't all that hip on the Bible as a prescriptive work. The red thumper can't quite scrape the windows off and see others where they're at, adjust his references and language accordingly. He's coming to terms with Jesus' notion, spoken through Paul, that there is, "no condemnation for those who are in Christ." Your red thumper is still dealing with a personal sense of condemnation and can't quite view others as free. He thumps a lot because he's afraid of the transition God is putting him through. And he's afraid that maybe it's not enough. He doesn't quite trust God, Jesus, or his fellow man. He's still trying to atone for himself. He hasn't quite sailed away on the Grace Ship. He's, perhaps, irritating to some folks, but he's at the dock, trying to untie, trying to trust grace and the liberty mindset that follows.

Let's paint the other sort gray. I don't know why but I've always seen these sorts as realists. They know that the red Bible thumper is speaking more about himself and his own bondage than he is to anyone else. They know people are a mess of conflicting desires for good and bad. They don't feel the need to define anyone else's relationship with God. They trust God that much, and trust that what God said about his human creation is true -- that we are equipped to judge God for ourselves, and that God's truth is written on our hearts and we are nothing without being free to choose. They may thump the Bible when speaking to a Bible-believing Christian, but they aren't tethered intellectually by one book. They can meet people where they are at, speak on many levels because they have grabbed hold of that freedom and let loose of a condemned and condemning spirit. A Bible-thump in this context is exciting and opens doors.

Anyway, my thoughts. Hope it adds to the discussion.