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A lack of oxygen on a

A lack of oxygen on a cellular level causes normal cells to adapt to an environment where energy creation must continue without ample supply of oxygen to survive. I am coming to look at it as a rejection at a cellular level of the macroorganic environment in order to continue cellular survival.

How that oxygen depletion occurs is the real question, and toxins are quite possibly a key factor in that equation. Meat and Dairy tend to amplify those toxins up the food chain. However contemporary agricultural practices have not exempted vegetables and veg derived products. Even the water we drink in municipality supplied sources is suspect as a vector for contamination.

Additionally, one can cite the complete degradation of soil and water mineral quality again via modern agricultural and decontamination practices. Elements like magnesium, potassium and zinc are commonly deficient in the modern diet.

To eradicate the development of cancer would likely require a complete disavowal of our entire food production model. Even this would not be enough as there are other environmental factors to consider.

The reality is cancer is here to stay. if there were a cheap fix or prevention method, it would never be marketable. Until an exclusion method is developed to target only cancerous cells, the disease will not dissipate. And once again we will be able to praise modern pharma in all of their genius and glory when the answer was likely in front of us in a much simpler form the whole time.