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This should merely tell you that we are winning.

We are all here learning. Back in 07 when Ron Paul was made his first Republican presidential bid.. I had been an Indy 18 years, worked with Ralph Nader for three consecutive elections for more voices and choices. I did not agree with Ron paul 100%, by a long shot. I liked his stand on cannabis and peace. Everything else has been a learning lesson. Now I'm elected to my GOP committee, just went to my first state convention with the support of many folks on DP, and even had my picture taken with Karl Rove..

So, while I see what you are seeing.. it doesn't bother me.. growing pains.. it's not worth being upset over.. it's an opportunity to educate and if you can't then learn.

I'm called neocon, zionist, and much more, have been for years, and while I see folks come and go, and come and go, we all learn.

Cynthia McKinney admitted she is studying liberty. Good. Maybe she'll catch up to the rest of us?