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And the appeal to emotion begins! Tug those heart strings!

UH HUH...and I am not going to let the BS fly either, dude.

Let?! You've been flinging it with a catapult here man. Medieval Kings would lust after the size of the trebuchet you've been metaphorically equipped with.

If you REALLY care about the "Liberty Movement" yet "believe" ( yet don't know for sure) that people who are after the truth of 9/11 are a "sideshow" that detracts from the "horrid consequences of blowback due to our foreign policy"

No, I know for sure. It by definition completely and totally undermines the argument that our foreign policy causes blowback. The argument is that the events of 9/11 were NOT caused by blowback, they were instead caused by our government who wanted to profit off the ensuing carnage with military adventurism. That detracts and totally undermines the argument for decreased military adventurism due to avoiding the consequences of blow back.


No, I'll be not watching every hour long documentary of the same rehashed footage with scary music and voice overs, thanks though. Feel free to summarize and organize the information to make your points like an adult though.

Eric Hoffer