Comment: Did you hear what he said? Did you listen?

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Did you hear what he said? Did you listen?

I don't think you did. Let me help you:

"Every single transaction is stored... "

"When people say they're anonymous or untraceable, in fact the opposite is true. They're imminently traceable..."

"Every single bitcoin user has a copy of this ledger on their computer."

And at 4:19: "It is fairly easy for law enforcement to get a court order and look at your ISP logs, or other information that can tie you to a bitcoin transaction. So it's pretty bleeping dumb to do illegal transactions on bitcoin when it is so easily traceable."

There is absolutely no comparison between leaving your DNA trail behind, which with current technology would be practically impossible to trace, and your bitcoin trail, which is on every single bitcoin users' computer, and can be subpoenaed by LE at any time for any reason.

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Really, I suggest you go back and listen. I've got it cued right to the spot. Be safe.

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